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Welcome to my Portfolio Page!

Here are some examples of my most recent projects:

Please Note: While building this page, I had to use my iPhone. I apologize that the screenshots don't look perfect on here. I just added a new document Resume Sample it's a new feature on here, please see sample #4 for the new Resume Sample. In the next few months, I will add others here to replace the three screenshots and show you my improved abilities in my work. Thank you so much! Have a great day!

Sample #1:

Sample #1 (Page 2):

Sample #2:

Please Note: I digitally signed the top of the Resume because this client failed to pay and denies he ever received services from me or from my company. My signature is to prevent plagiarism of my hard work from being used by him again or by anyone else in the future. This was a rare one incident most clients are 100% honest people, thank God!

Sample #3:

Please Note: This project was for a hardship client. I'm very happy with the end result and glad I was able to help her out during the beginning of the pandemic.

Sample #3 (Page 2):

Sample #4:

March 2024 Resume Sample
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Cover Letters 

Sample #1:

Sample #2:

Sample #3:

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