Résumé Diva Story

Lucinda Kerrigan (maiden name Bradley) has been a writer most of her life. She started writing poetry at the age of 14. Only some of her poetry exists today. When she became homeless years ago her binders of work got lost or left behind. However; before her Google blog spot website was taken down she printed out all of the poems on that website and they are safely stored still today in her work backpack.

In 2004, Lucinda worked for several months at an Employment agency called Boumans and Associates in Nederland, TX. There she was trained how to do write and edit Resumes and Cover letters especially for Union workers that worked at the nearby plants. Then was fired by the President of the company for a ridiculous reason and Lucinda was only 23 years old!

Also at this time, Lucinda also got hired teaching violin at a charter school in Beaumont, TX but the grant money was denied by the State of Texas. So she did not get to teach at the school but started out of her home in Beaumont. The following year she ended up going through a divorce and moving back to Illinois to live with her father.

Between 2005-2008 Lucinda took care of her dying father. She also worked several years at The Home Depot as a Returns Certified Cashier. Unfortunately, six months after her father passed she lost her job after transferring to the Marion, IL store to take care of her mother. Lucinda's health got bad and she didn't know if she could find work again with the doctor's 20-lb weight limit restriction because of injury to her back. The Home Depot fired her and she was only 30 years old at the time and it really threw her life upside down! So, she decided to go back to college at that time and was one of the best choices she ever made in her life.

So, Lucinda started teaching violin lessons at clients homes after finishing her Associate's degree in Psychology with double minors in Music and in English as a transfer student at University of Phoenix in 2011. After finding out she needed a Master's to become a music therapist and failing Accounting in her Junior Year after she switched to the Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship program with Phoenix; the recession made it impossible to find a job so she started her own business with the remaining money she had from a family inheritance and encouraged by her belated husband Preston Kerrigan to open a business online. The company's first name Creative Beyond Life was penned by Preston himself. Lloyd Fotheringhame started dating Lucinda in 2012.

In 2015, Lloyd re-named the company Books and Stitches. Books and Stitches no longer exists today  but used to sell printed books, women's and children's clothing etc. Today, Lucinda has mainly been focusing on her career as a Resume Writer these days. On occasion, will do a retail pricing audit for Survey.com when business is slow or work on selling cosmetics products and skincare products.

This is where Resume Diva happened...

In February 2017, while job searching online for a better job since business was dead (no one was buying printed books anymore or taking Violin Lessons), Lucinda found a post on a Social Media network called Job Case from a man named Jimmy needing help with his Resume. To save her company from closing she needed a new niche and doing Resume Writing was the answer that she long sought.

Her Qualifications:
Lucinda holds an Associates of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in English and Music from the University of Phoenix. She graduated in August 2011 with 3.45 out of 4.00 GPA. While in College she did three day workshops in between classes. She completed 3 of them and earned certificates. In the last seven years she has taken multiple classes online with edx.org and earned three certificates so far. Two in Inclusive Leadership and one in Career Development: Resumes, Networking and Job Interview Skills. She is currently taking two new classes one in Business Psychology and one in Religion to better understand those who share different beliefs in the world around her including in her local community.

In her free time, she loves shopping (especially beauty products loves ELF), spending time with friends and family and reading books. Lucinda also works part time as a Merchandiser doing Retail Store Resets and Retail Price Audits and Mystery Shopping for multiple companies. She also has been helping the Homeless in her community by providing free Resume Services, helping them find shelter, providing meals and giving emotional and spiritual support.

In the future, she plans on continuing her poetry with it's first book and to continue helping people find a job no matter their situation along with her fiancé Lloyd's great assistance answering calls during busy times. Looking back, if she wasn't fired from other places she never would have become Resume Diva!

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. " Helen Keller