Hardship Assistance & Job Placement Services

Here at Resume Diva, we understand life has it ups and downs and things can things get really tough to handle. Sometimes you feel like things are completely out of control. We don't turn anyone away who can not afford to pay for a Resume. We are here to help.

I am contuining my hardship program this year that has helped many people before and I will waive up to 90% (100% in special cases) of my service fees for a new client that simply emails me a hardship request/inquiry to be considered for the hardship program that may be downloaded off this page or you may fax it to me at: 1(877) 492-1742. Please allow 24 hours for a review and reply back by email to your request.

Step one: Send me an email with an inquiry to be considered for the hardship program.

Step two: I will e-mail the hardship letter in MS Word format to you along with the client agreement. Or, you may download it below. Then fill out and send it to me. Downloading it with your request will help you faster and skip step one.

Step three: Please fill out the form and send it back within 2-3 business days.

Step four: I will notify you by e-mail if you are approved within 24 hours.

Step five: After approved, services will start.

*Please note: If we find out that you were NOT honest during the application process or fail to communicate with me or employers; you will then have to pay for services. So please be honest because this is only for those who really need this kind of assistance. Another thing I want to mention is if you don't contact the leads I send to you for job interviews then you will be cancelled from my program. My resources are limited and there are a lot of people who need my help so please don't request my help unless you will make serious effort. That's all I ask, thank you so much! 😊

P.S. Pre-Pay is preferred but an account for long time clients is also available. Payment methods currently accepted are: Cash app, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Stripe, GoDaddy Payments, Walmart to Walmart payments, Cash, money orders and personal checks. Chime is also available for those who have a Chime account like me. Thank you so much for supporting my small business! Have a blessed day!

Job Placement Services plus LinkedIn Assistance

Here at Resume Diva Company, we understand that job searching online is not an easy task. It can feel overwhelming and your applications without a professional like myself by your side can leave you without a clear direction or interviews.

As your dedicated Career Coach, I will assist you step by step. Together we will create a job searching plan that fits your needs.

​If you need someone to simply help you fill out applications and submit them online using my various resources; I am more than happy to help.

I understand you already have a very busy life with your family and other commitments so let me help ease your burden through my great job placement service program.

If you already have a Resume made by yourself or another Professional Resume Writer; I can still help you.

​If you are seriously interested please book an appointment on my booking page or call me today. The cost is only $40 per month. Venmo or an Stripe Subscription is preferred.

P.S. I can also optimize your LinkedIn profile for only $40 additionally (one time payment). Get noticed by more hiring managers and recruiters!

Required documents to submit available for download below:

All clients may download these files not just the hardship clients, thank you.

Client Agreement Form
PDF – 39.7 KB 378 downloads
Hardship Letter Due To Dire Circumstances
Word – 13.2 KB 371 downloads
General Client Questionnaire
Word – 48.5 KB 318 downloads
Resume Worksheet Information Form Word Version
Word – 13.7 KB 239 downloads
Resume Worksheet Information Form
PDF – 133.5 KB 438 downloads

Please send us a message for more information or further assistance, thank you so much.

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