The Process

Welcome to The Process Page! Here is my process it is very simple!

 My Resume Writing Services Process:
(For Paying Clients)

Step. 1 : Initial Contact – Via Online Forms, Phone Call, or Email.
I respond by introducing myself and verifying that the person is serious about my services by asking a few questions.

Step 2: Provide a 20 minute consultation
I gather information during a phone call or local meeting to assess and evaluate the client’s goals and career needs and project details as well. Afterwards, depending on our phone conversation if a verbal agreement is made I send to the client either an Estimate, Invoice or the money request for the downpayment of 50% of the project or the client may opt to pay in full to save time later. The client may choose a payment method of their preference.

Step 3: I Construct the 1st Draft of the Resume (Communication is very important during this time because I like getting it done right the 1st time) This process takes 2-3 days.

Step 4: I send the 1st draft of the Resume to the client for approval then I wait to hear back from client on if any revisions or needed or not. Note: For Same Day Resumes it is as-is and the 1st draft won’t have time for client to make revisions. I only recommend this type of Resume if your job positing deadline is near. Also there is a $10 expedited fee for Same Day Resumes.

Step 5: Finalize Resume or make Revisions.
I finish the final product of the Resume and re-send it to client for final approval. (Sometimes a 2nd revision is requested.)

Step 6: I follow up with Client a few days after client picks up copies (local client) of the Resume or receives the final Resume by e-mail. I contact the client via e-mail or telephone to make sure everything worked out well for them and if, anything else is needed ex. Cover Letter, LinkedIn, Job Placement Assistance Services, etc.

Step 7:
I wait a few days and send an e-mail requesting a 5-star review or rating and post it on my website on the client testimony page. This is always done with the permission of the client.

Note: If you don't respond to me after the final draft is sent to you and after I wait one week then the project is considered final and if you then need a revision there's a $25 revision fee. Communication is critical from beginning to end of every project.

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." Confucius